I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

If you’re searching for the best pub in the Cotswolds, search no more – it’s the Egypt Mill of course. If you’re wondering why we’re the best pub in the Cotswolds, it’s down to the diverse products we offer, such as ice cream. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream – don’t worry you can rest your voice, there’s plenty to go around. We’ve partnered with the ice cream visionaries at Ice Cream Union and stocked up on a dazzling range of their delicious delights.

After we carried out the obligatory taste test on the Ice Cream Union range, we knew we had scooped up something truly extraordinary. The artisan ice cream and sorbets they concoct are completely unrivalled in every sense. The taste is full-bodied, the aroma heavenly and the mouthfeel is simply mesmerising. Their approach is totally unique, from the tools they use, to the ingredients they procure, every single element is planned meticulously to ensure the best results.

Ice Cream Union have been producing ice cream and sorbets for many of London’s top restaurants and influential chefs for the past twelve years. What sets them apart? Their unparalleled passion for their craft. They imagine, they tinker and they innovate, until they produce the perfect product.

The Ice Cream Union objective is to radically change people’s expectations of ice cream. How do they plan on doing this? By hand-selecting the very best ingredients to ensure the fullest and finest flavours in every scoop. By working with their ingredients in their purest forum, it guarantees the utmost flavour. Only the freshest ingredients are used, and everything is made in-house. From prepping fruits to making fruit juices, cooking their own ripple sauces to concocting their own nut pastes. The commitment to freshness truly amplifies the flavour.

Ice Cream Union are famed for their variety of full-bodied flavours, it’s easy to see why they have worked with an abundance of prestigious customers throughout the UK. There are so many options to choose from, they have 36 ice creams, 13 sorbets and 3 vegan ice creams to date. We have 35 of their flavours in our Cotswold restaurant, just ask your server which flavours are available on the day.

Ice Cream Union’s innovative approach to ice cream is very much apparent when it comes to the flavours they produce. Of course there are the conventional flavours like Mint Choc Chip and Traditional Vanilla – but they are by no means basic. These creamy classics are perfect for the creatures of habit amongst us. For the nonconformists there are an abundance of enticing options such as Cornflake and Lemon Pie to choose from. If it’s sorbet you’re seeking, they have 13 invigorating flavours, including but not limited to: Blood Orange, Watermelon, Mandarin and Blackcurrant. They also have a delicious array of Vegan ice cream to choose from.

If you’re enjoying a Cotswold weekend break or are simply passing through, stop in and join us for a scoop or two of Ice Cream Union’s delicious delights.

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